Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. a) The “Property Owner” is the owner of the property being let.
    The letting of the property is solely for non-permanent habitation for special transitory ends, specifically for tourism purposes, in accordance with the terms of article 1095° of the Portuguese Civil Code.
    This activity does not constitute an offering of tourist developments accommodations as contemplated in Decree Law no. 167/97 of 01 August, altered and republished in Decree Law no. 55/2002 of 11 March.
    b) “BRV” means Barbara Read Villas whose name appears on the booking form and who is the designated representative of the Property Owner.
    c) “We” refers to the Property Owner and BRV.
    d) “The Client” means in addition to the person completing the booking form all other persons on whose behalf he is completing the booking form and the person signing the booking form warrants he has their authority to sign on their behalf. The person signing the booking form is responsible for all payments due to BRV. No contract shall exist between the Property Owner and the Client until the booking form is duly signed, the appropriate deposit has been received by BRV and the booking confirmed in writing by BRV.

  2. At the time of the booking a non-returnable deposit equal to 25% of the total Villa rental sum is payable.
    The balance must then be received by BRV no later than 8 weeks prior to holiday commencement.
    Reminders will not be sent. In the event of non-payment BRV may cancel the booking, in which event the provisions of Clause 6 will apply.
    Full payment is required upon confirmation of bookings made within 8 weeks of holiday commencement.

  3. All prices quoted in the price list are based on prevailing charges.
    In the event of any alteration to these charges or exchange rates or the imposition of any taxes, We reserve the right to revise holiday costs at any time prior to the date when payment has been made in full by the Client.

  4. The agreed rental sum covers the property and services described in the website and the property may only be occupied by the persons named in the booking form unless otherwise agreed in writing by Us.
    Subletting is prohibited.
    Pets cannot be accepted unless confirmation has been received in writing from BRV prior to the commencement of the booking.

  5. All bookings for conveyance by coach, taxi, car or other conveyance or for accommodation are accepted by the Client subject to the operating conditions of the carrier or supplier of the accommodation.

  6. a) All cancellations must be received in writing and signed by the same person who signed the booking form.
    Cancellations may be made by fax or e-mail to the BRV office.
    Clients who fail to arrive will be regarded as cancellations.
    Up to 8 weeks before holiday commencement – forfeiture of deposit
    8 – 4 weeks before holiday commencement – 80% of the total cost
    Within 4 weeks of holiday commencement – 100% of the total cost.
    b) The Client may request an amendment to his booking.
    If We confirm this a minimum fee of Euros 110 will be charged in addition to any costs such as fax or long distance telephone calls.
    Amendments to accommodation or commencement/termination dates within 8 weeks of commencement will be subject to cancellation charges.
    c) We reserve the right to cancel a booking.
    If this becomes necessary the client will be offered alternative accommodation of a similar or superior standard, if available, or a full refund of all monies paid.

  7. It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange valid passports, visa, health documents and driving licences.

  8. We reserve the right to refuse bookings from Client’s who are not insured against holiday risks and cancellations.
    The client may be required to provide confirmation and copy documentation confirming insurance to be valid.

  9. The Client is responsible for leaving the accommodation occupied by him together with all furniture and effects clean and in good order and condition.
    The Client undertakes to inform BRV of any damage to the accommodation or its contents during their occupation and to pay for any damaged or missing items, telephone charges and any other services consumed.
    Such charges will be calculated by Us.
    A breakages deposit will be required and returned within one month of the termination of the holiday less any charges.

  10. BRV, whether acting as agent for the Property Owner or The Client, gives notice hat it is not liable for any act or default or omission on the part of conveyancing and transport services, or proprietors of accommodation, coach, taxi, sea or air operators, contractors or their servants or agents, howsoever arising nor for any deficiencies in the accommodation provided and the Client’s remedy, if any, shall be directly against such organizations or persons of whom the Client makes a complaint.
    The use of such conveying or transport services or of the accommodation shall be subject to the conditions and regulations of the various owners and operators concerned and to the applicable local or international law.
    Accordingly BRV will not in any circumstances whatsoever accept responsibility for loss of life, personal illness or loss or damage to baggage or personal effects or consequential loss otherwise than for the negligence of any employees of BRV acting in the course of their employment.
    The client accepts that the use of swimming pools, Jacuzzis and baby pools is at his own risk and children must be strictly supervised at all times.

  11. Whilst every effort is made to check the accuracy of information and descriptions , BRV cannot be held responsible for any inadvertent errors in publicity statements.
    Facilities and amenities may alter or be withdrawn at any time in which case BRV can accept no responsibility.

  12. BRV only accepts responsibility for services rendered.
    The limit of BRV’s liability will in no instance exceed the cash value of services rendered byBRV.
    BRV cannot accept liability due to circumstances beyond its control amounting to force majeure.
    This includes war or threat of war, industrial action, forest fires, civil strife, terrorist activities, riot, adverse weather conditions, failure of power, gas or water supplies, fire, natural or nuclear disasters, sickness or quarantine, etc.

  13. a) Any complaints must be made immediately to BRV Algarve office in order that remedial action may be taken.
    b) All claims whatsoever against BRV must be submitted in writing no later than one calendar month from the completion of the holiday.
    c) Claims for compensation are not valid if the Client through his own fault contributed to or caused the circumstances which marred his holiday or brought it to an untimely end.
    d) It is expected that it will be possible to agree an amicable solution to complaints and disputes.
    In default of agreement any such complaint or dispute shall be referred to arbitration.
  14. The law applicable to these conditions and the contract of which they form part shall be the law of Portugal.